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Gallery contains a bit of everything.
Right now you. Mostly see adopts. But if you darre, feel free to hit 'All' and surf through the years of old stuff that have been on this account.



(OPEN)oc Adopt AUCTION by Nionai
SB got reduced by 2$/160:points:... Maybe thatll help...

Don't really want to give her up, but I have to... I'll be redesigning her anyways.... 

For all my adoptions I have done the money to point conversion as always: 80:points:=$1. I could be like everyone else but I chose to do the real equivalent as it stands today

My first attempt at an Auction so please be kind...



SB: $3/240:points:
Min Increase: $0.50/40:points:
AutoBuy: $35/2800:points:

Special Extras

If this adoption reaches $10/800:points:
I'll add in a new headshot/bust

If this adoption reaches $15/1200:points:
I'll add in a new headshot/bust and a new Chibi

If this adoption reaches $20/1600:points:
I'll add in a new headshot/bust, a new Chibi and a new Full body reference.

If this adoption reaches AUTOBUY
I'll throw in all above, plus a small reference sheet.

Art belong to: ChocoAni and xtheyatemytailor. They were a commission and gift to me.
Character and design belong to: TK-TurtleKitty/Nionai Until Adoption ends
(OPEN) Oc Adopt by Nionai
(OPEN) Oc Adopt
Giving up my recently new Oc.. I have too many.....



60:points:for the same 

Design by: TK-TurtleKitty/Nionai


Please note, some of these rules may not apply to the adopt, but applies to others. These are my general rules for all my adopts of different kinds. Please respect them

First off. If you feel my pricing for my adopt is unreasonable, please feel free to let me know, and let me know what you feel would be reasonable.

:bulletgreen:Once adopted you may do whatever you like with the adopt. So long as I get my part.
:bulletred: Send your payment within 30hours. That gives you a little over a day. If you fail to do so, I'll follow my own process:
       :bulletred:I'll notify you the time limit to send payment is over
       :bulletred:I'll reopen the adopt or go to the next person who wants it.
:bulletred: I will only do holds for 30hours as well. That gives you a day and a half to decide if you want it or not.
:bulletgreen: You may change them to better suit you and your style; give them scars, tattoos, markings, missing limbs, eye patch, piercings, accessories, extra limbs, gender, species, colors, universe/storybase, ECT.
:bulletgreen:Clothing Adopts Clothing is just generic and basic. May change, redesign, change color, or even place on a different character. Once adopted, the adopt and outfit is yours to do with as you please. May even trash it, I don't care.
:bulletgreen: Once adopt you may resell, I don't care. So long as I get my part of the adoption. Afterwards they are yours to do as you wish, including gifting and Trading.
BUT only the buyer may do so!
:bulletred:Whatever form of Payment option is listed at Pricing, that is the only form of Payment I'll accept. I won't accept Trades or Art.
:bulletred: I do not do refunds! After all, you can resell or do whatever you want with it afterwards!
:bulletblue:Auction Adopts Reply to the Highest Bidder. Will end 24-30hours after the last/highest bid unless auto bought. Be kind to bids and don't bid what you cannot afford!
:bulletred:Do not STEAL the designs or adopts The buyer is the only one with the rights to them!
:bulletblue:Not a forced rule but credit and/or show me at least once so I can see what you've done. If not, that's okay. I'm not going to hunt you down, but it would be at least nice.

Other then that, enjoy.


Once Adopted

Once the payment goes through, I will send a file containing anything extra for the adopt. This may include, but not always:
:bulletgreen:A larger, single file of the adopt, no watermark or anything else that would encourage theives.
:bulletgreen:Extra art(This will only be for old OCs and/or extra add ons that are purchased with the adopt)
Rules for Adoption
These are my set rules for adoption from either one of my accounts.

This will be posted under the sections, 'Rules' in my adopts descriptions, rather then posting it all the time.

These might not be changed over time and if so, this will be deleted and a new one posted. If such incidents happens, the new rules Will not be forced upon old adopts that got adopted. Just to the new ones or unsold ones.

Please respect my rules and please follow them.

Thank you.

:iconnions: :icontk-turtlekitty:
For starters:

Went from watching 600 people, groups, ECT down to 175.

If I ended up unwatching you, im sorry. My notification deal just blew up so much and I got tired of constantly deleting them whenever I came over to this account.
Many I didn't unwatch are people I really know their username and never changed them, people I looked up to and so forth. And a few others who's named never changed or seemed familiar enough to keep.

Those who constantly changed their names, probably a high chance i unwatched you. Especially if it was to something stupid lol

Didn't help I use to go to the point accounts that have points for watches too, so a lot of it was that. But tis gone now :)

Another thing:
I will be converting this to an ADOPT account. Probably also for commissions maybe? Or just random shit.
Figured if I keep my points stored here,I will be less tempted to Adopt on impulse. Plus, I have more watchers and a higher chance of them being seen.
So don't be surprised seeing my account change to such 

Most of my old works are still in my gallery. They are just removed from folders and such. If you dared, click the All option and have fun surfing through a bunch of work.

My newer or better works will be visible and in folders.

Uhh I think that is all.

I will continue cleaning my folders and such

(OPEN) Kitten adopt 20pts by Nionai
(OPEN) Kitten adopt 20pts
My old character Saya kitten form.. Got rid of Saya so now it's her kitten form next.

COMES WITH: Two more pieces

Adopt Rules

:bulletred: Don't steal or claim as your own.
:bulletred: Only the one who purchased May use
:bulletblue: May change slightly. Just not to where it's unrecognizable.
:bulletblue: If you no longer want, please don't sell for higher then bought(Unless there's additional artwork going with it).
:bulletgreen: Gifting and trading is fine.
:bulletgreen: May change colors/gender/species/clothes/markings
:bulletgreen: Please send points after I give the okay.
:bulletyellow: Will send unwstetmarked/single/larger version once adopted.



Art/line art by: :devsayanna: :iconsayanna:…
Adopt by: Nionai/TK-TurtleKitty

Journal History


Nionai has started a donation pool!
860 / 12,345

Saving up to hold more contests. Every point is greatly appreciated.

Will be doing a mass cleaning soon.
Will be going back and forth in accounts.
Once cleaned, each account will have its own new purpose. Will update that once I clean and figure everything out.

I am currently Hitaus until further notice. I will reply to notes and comments. But uploading works will only be gift and commission based visa
Will take me awhile as motivation and emotions are out of control and unpredictable along with free time.

You must be logged in to donate.


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